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This web site will continuously undergo subtle changes with time as new Products are added, in our effort to continuously offer the best price / performance package. Provision has been made for future changes to be highlighted on this page first.

Please feel comfortable to check this page first, during your next visit, to look out for interesting changes.

This version was uploaded on 7 October 2016.



Major Recent Changes .  


Added PH-222 pH Meter with built-in probe from Lutron.

Added DM284 Specs , new FLIR Digital Multimeter with IGM Thermal Camera.

Added MS-7003  Moisture meter.

Added TM-DR160 Roughness Tester

Added Metal Detector page.

Added WH2303 Weather Station and

Added FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter with Thermal Camera.

Added 1200m Laser Distance meters W, L, S, and G Series

Added LPad Pen Type Hardness Tester. LPad Pen Type Tester

Added PC-6011SD Clamp Power meter.

Added MO-2014 Micro-Ohm Meter.

Added CMF-3200 Flexible Clamp Meter.

Added  RT-616 Phase Rotation Meter

Added HT-3027SD Precision Hygrometer

Added DO-5512SD Dissolved Oxygen Real Time Data Logger Meter.

Added Real Time Data Logging Manometers

Added Spot IR Thermometers TG54 and TG65.

Added Micro-Ohm Meters.

Added SCOUT II-640 Night Vision Camera.

Added FLIR-CM174 World’s First Thermal Imaging Clamp meter.

Added world first Tablet  Oscilloscopes from Micsig

Added FLIR IM75 Industrial Insulation Tester, DMM, Earth Bond Tester

Added FLIR DM92 Industrial DMM

Added FLIR CM55 Clamp Meters

Added FLIR CM57 Clamp Meters

Added FLIR-CM82 Clamp Meters

Added FLIR-CM85 Clamp Meters

Added PathFindIR II Thermal camera for Vehicles.

Added FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter

Added  Oxygen Meters to the Dissolved Oxygen Meter page.

Added   Danatronics Pages and Thickness Testers

Added Lutron Air Quality Meters

Added .Rishabh Products

Added Ex FLIR Series products, and special offers in Clearance sale

Added  FLIR E40 , E50 , FLIR E60 individually.

Added Easy Data Logger Selection Guides :   MSR145 Data Logger

Added  FLIR T620 and T640 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Website now seen well in Google Chrome.

Added some Fluke Clamp Meters.

Added comment on recovery of pH probes.

Adjusted ROE price for Thermal Camera.

Added FLIR T420 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Added  FLIR T440 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Added Stabiline WHR Regulators

Added Stabiline® Transient Voltage Surge Protection

Added  5 Way® Binding Posts and Electrical Connectors.

Removed Discontinued FLIR products, and Inserted new page for FLIR P660 .

FLIR P620  / B620 , P640 , T/B250, T/B335, T600 / T600bx are discontinued but Prices of P660 and the T400 Series have been reduced offering more value .

New Dates, Prices and Information for Thermography Courses for 2013.

Fluke Insulation Tester Added.

Removed Pages on Medical Equipment.

Added Eye Tracker devices for Sports an Marketing improvements

Added 100005 Caster / Camber Gauges for Racing Equipment .

Added more Security products like the PathFindIR for Infrared assistance to vehicle drivers in total darkeness, smoke, mist and even snow.

New items such as new look, performance and feel of  I Series FLIR cameras, and new

20 Mhz EZ Digital Function Generator.

Some pricing Changes due to Variation in Rate of Exchange .

New Products added particularly in the Cable Fault Locators page.

New products included in Satellite and HV Section, and Request for Newsletter Link inserted.

Some changes made on Thermometers and PT-100 Temperature probes.

Prices have been added to some pricing to our popular items, making it  easier for  everyone.

Additional Flir products added to the Infrared Camera Page.

A New Guide to Thermal Imaging can be downloaded from Thermal Imagers .

The World’s smallest Dataloggers have now been added to our website. See MSR Electronics .

Items Such as Grid Dip Meters, Pulley & Sprocket and Roller alignment systems have been added to the mix.

See also the New Products page for a brief description of interesting products.

We have improved the site for use with search engines, making it easier  to be placed higher in organic search results for your convenience.

We hope that we have been of  some assistance to you and look forward to your next web visit.

We trust that you find this site suitable for your needs.

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Thermography—Thermal Imager— Infrared Camera.

FLIR E5 (120 x 90 Pixels)


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One Day Course.

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Also: Thermal Imagers

FLIR E4 Thermal Camera